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After being out of the work force for 5 years, I'm very happy that Saber hired me! They looked past my 5 year hiatus and took a chance. The 4 hour shifts work well for myself and my family. The supervisors and fellow employees are nice and helpful.
Kelly Szymanski
Awesome company to work for! Consistent work that isn’t too demanding. Despite their growth,they maintain a small family-business feel. Management is approachable and not breathing down your neck.
Ammie White
This Job is definitely for me.Everything about this job is Good For Me From The Interview,The Hiring Process and The Training. I’m very happy they gave me a chance to be apart of the Saber Team!!!
LaVonn Bingmon
Best place to work, bosses are great,, environment has a good vibe.

They train you on everything so you can get the job done. Awesome workers to work with
Milton Conner
I've been working for saber for about a month and a half. And I can honestly say it's one of the best janitor companies I've worked for!. The entire staff is super nice
Kennyetta Simon
I have been working for saber a month now and the staff is very nice and attentive to what you need.the hiring process took no time and they pay is good pay.
J Terry
I became an employee of Saber Building Services November 22, 2021. They offer many incentives whether you are part time or full time. As well as benefits and room for growth within the company. They are understanding of life changes and will work with you any way possible. You always feel apart of the team no matter if you’ve just started or been there for years. The lines of communication are always there across the board. This is an awesome company to work for. I would definitely recommend working for Saber Building Services.
Tamica S
I currently work for Saber building services. It is a great place to work. Good pay, really nice co-workers, great location for me, the hours are exactly what I wanted, and everyone is so helpful. I've been working for Saber for about a month now, and I can say in that short amount of time it is definitely one of my favorite jobs already. I really can't think of anything negative to say about Saber, everyone I've talked to has been so nice, and I really love this job.
Amanda Graham
I truly enjoy working for this company. Everyone that I've encountered at Saber have been very friendly and eager to assist with any issues or concerns that I may have. My team is extremely supportive and the level of confidence that they have in me as far as my ability to get the job done is very rewarding in itself. I have recommended Saber Building Services to my family and friends.
Sharon S.
Hiring process was super easy and quick.The management is amazing they give you all the tools you need to do your job quick easy and efficiently. The scheduling is good and the pay is great. Everyone from the people in HR to your direct manager are readily and available to help with anything you need.
Kim Bazman
I currently have been working for Saber building services for the last month and a half; and it is a great work environment. Coworkers are nice and helpful, hours are perfect as well as the location. Would recommend for anyone looking for a job.
MIA Twin
I have been working with Saber Building Services for over a month now and can honestly say this is one of the best companies I have worked for in quite some time. They treat you with respect and appreciate your hard work. There team from HR to management is first class and I would suggest this job to anyone who needs part time or full time work!
Eric Hughes
Saber is a wonderful place to work. They have weekly pay and benefits. Management always there to help. I recommend Saber to anyone looking for employment.
Spencer Alexander
Saber has been awesome to work for so far. My boss Payton has been extremely helpful and would recommend this company and have been telling friends about the opportunity.
Saber is a greaaaaattttt company to work!! The supervisors want you to succeed at your job. I am an office building cleaner. My supervisor is always available when needed. They have flexible work shifts and offer opportunities for advancement. They offer weekly pay. Come be apart of our Saber Team!
Tywana Manzie
Great company to work for. They really care for the employees. Staff are wonderful. Training was easy. Overall a great atmosphere!
Krista Swider
This company is built on integrity and commitment. I’ve been noticing few people asking about the job description which could only mean their interest. As an employee I’m actually satisfied with how the onboarding process worked.
Conscious Thoughts
A very nice and calm place to work. The training is easy And the people are very nice
Tarrant Moore
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